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"Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the Business Valuation you did for our franchise company. I was very impressed with the thoroughness and professional presentation of the end product. More than that, I really appreciated the time you spent to acquire the information and the questions you asked that enabled you to recast our financials to gain the true picture of our company. You were always available to answer my questions and review the market values. This Business Valuation will help us to accurately present our Company and the opportunities to those interested in learning more about us. I would recommend your services to anyone interested in a quick, accurate, thorough, credible and professional valuation of their business." KP, CEO, Vacaville, California

"I want to express my thanks for the Business Valuation you did for our renewable energy company. Your efficient yet thorough evaluation process was exceptional; you asked good and penetrating questions about our company and its potential, and you independently validated what management represented. The end product of your efforts is a very professional and polished presentation, with a clear explanation of the market valuation approaches and results. As a $450,000,000 pre-revenue energy company, we presented a real challenge to you. With your Business Valuation in hand, however, we have been successful in attracting a number of new investors into our company and believe we will be receiving the significant capital infusion we are looking for to grow the company to its full potential. Thanks again for your help." RBL, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Phoenix, Arizona

"Thank you very much for a great job well done. Your ability to provide us with the Business Valuation of the company we were seeking to acquire in our very short timetable allowed us to maintain the momentum with the seller. The professionally laid out content of your product gave us the tool we needed to make an effective presentation. As one of the largest privately-held companies in greater Phoenix, I am sure we will be calling on you again for your excellent service." BJ, Chief Financial Officer, Tempe, Arizona

"As Investment Bankers, ValuCorp is a terrific resource for us. We use their service and are so pleased we continually send them more clients." RB, Managing Director, Investment Bank, Los Angeles, California.

"We just celebrated the tenth anniversary of our business, and the ValuCorp Business Valuation we just received gave me the clearest understanding of the value of my company." GB, President, Real Estate Marketing Company, Chicago, Illinois.

"After I sold my business, I found out about the ValuCorp Business Valuation, and wish I had learned of them sooner. I still bought their valuation to validate the allocation between goodwill and covenant-not-to compete, and was very pleased with the professionalism of their services and quality of their report." RB, Corporate Executive, Phoenix, Arizona.

"As an explosive start-up, we were faced with the challenge of determining a fair value for our current prospective investors based on the discounted future earnings and discounted future cash flows. The ValuCorp Business Valuation resolved that for us and our prospects in a clear logical presentation, and we are on our way to a successful capitalization." AV, Chairman and CEO, Technology Company, Orange, California.

"With three different companies, operations in three states in the U.S. plus China, and varying percentages of ownership, we needed one Report to lay out the value of the combined enterprises. The ValuCorp Business Valuation was perfect for our purposes." CCL, President, Professional Services Company, Houston, Texas.

"Your services were a big help in making our business plan more presentable to investors." TG, President, Insurance Company, Providence, Rhode Island.

Some referral sources . . .

Managers, major national financial services company, Phoenix, Arizona. (Advisors at their office are having success with our valuations.)

Vice President, bank, Phoenix, Arizona (Reviewed our valuation for quality and content, and he thinks it is a complete presentation.)

Managing Director, bank, Phoenix Arizona (Reviewed our valuation and referred clients to us.)

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