Financial Analysis Report

A FAR can help you to build and grow the value of your business. This is accomplished through the following:

Benchmarks of 14 values - such as Days Receivables On Hand and Current Ratio - based on a database of 4.5 million privately held businesses using over 34 data sources of companies organized by SIC code and revenue range, updated periodically and annually to ensure timely industry standard information, are used in our analysis. The set of benchmark values used are based upon your company’s SIC code and revenue level. Each SIC code and revenue range contains at least a few hundred entities with most industries using thousands of tens of thousands in the category.

  • Profit Generation
  • Cash Flow Generation
  • Use of Capital
  • Assets vs. Liabilities
  • Short-Term Cash Availability
  • Longer-Term Cash Availability

  • The Vital Signs Report is a period by period report of the strengths and weaknesses of the 6 key financial factors used in the analysis.

    Analysis Snapshot Report with a period-by-period graphic representation of Fourteen Analysis Sectors, an Expert Rule Set that sorts through and evaluates the comparative information and various financial metrics for each period, over 500 "Scenarios" that represent specific performance criteria for a company, and a set of over four hundred performance rules compiled by our experts.

    Vital Signs Report, showing period-by-period, the strengths and weaknesses of the six key financial factors used in the analysis.

    Quarter Ending 12/31/2004
    These key financial indicators provide a quick sketch of the Company’s overall financial health.

    Profit Generation: Strength
    The Company is generating a $1,204,000 pretax profit. The corresponding pretax profit margin of 11.37% is favorable when compared to the median benchmark value of 2.00%.

    Analysis Snapshot Report

  • An Expert Rule Set sorts through the comparative information and various financial metrics computed for each period.
  • 14 Analysis Sectors such as Liquidity and Working Capital Turnover are evaluated, individually and holistically. This Expert Rule Set represents over 400 performance rules compiled by our financial experts used in evaluating company successes and failures.
  • We use over 500 scenarios that represent specific performance criteria for a company.

    Growth Management

    Studies change in pretax earnings in relation to change in sales from one period to the next to assess management of cost of sales and operating expenses.

    Graphic representationA period by period color-coded graphic representation of 14 Analysis Sectors. Our narrative and charts of period-by-period financial performance of your business compares your company to industry norms based on four categories: Favorable, Somewhat Favorable, Somewhat Unfavorable, and Unfavorable.

    Planning/Projection Facility for financial forecasts (budgeting) allows you to work with us to model future activity and resulting analysis to determine whether the model is viable. This creates an ability to plan and then test your growth strategy.

    Recommendations - in reports, financial spreadsheets and charts, which are all downloadable (Microsoft Office compatible), encourage you to modify the CVR to your needs.

    The CVR will give you the opportunity to take necessary actions to move your business to a higher value before taking the next step. Your company will be presented in the manner preferred by lenders and investors.

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